A blend of agents is embedded in the gel-plate and continously emits acitve components into the air-flow. The components react with the odorous substances, which are neutralized chemically. The resulting reaction products result in a much lower olfactory outcome. Our technology can accomplish a reduction in olfactory disturbance of more than 90 %.
These findings are supported by measurements and analysis of independent and nameable institutes.

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The diffusion device Smellmeister® allows to dispense the active agents in an electronically controlled way (continuous or sequential treatment). Depending on the model (different capacity for Gelactiv®), this technology allows for a treatment from 1'000 m3/hr to more that 1'000'000 m3/hr.


Biothys™ is also mastering the application of water- or oil-based liquids (ExAir). Compared to the liquids used by our competition, Biothys™ ExAir-liquids guarantee a long lasting, sustainable effect without applying masking agents.